Outdoor Environments Unlimited offers complete planning, design and installation services for your landscaping visions. Whether you are wanting a complete landscape renovation or a modest aesthetic upgrade, let us share our expertise and enhance your outdoor experience. From concept to completion, Outdoor Environments Unlimited will transform your property into an inviting place to enjoy all year round.
In addition to our planting and maintaining services for a beautiful oasis, we design and install stunning hardscape elements (pavers, stone, brick, retaining walls, pathways, staircases…), decks, fencing, lighting and sound systems, living walls, living roofs, garden sheds, green houses and more (see our patio section).
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For your walls, driveways, walkways or staircases, you can choose from a variety of durable materials such as pavers, modular blocks or poured concrete; or you might opt for a more natural look with a selection of stone (limestone, river rock, slate, etc.) or timber.

Retaining walls
Their purpose is to redistribute the pressure and forces to stabilize sloping ground. They are built to prevent erosion and to hold soil so as to gain more flat surface area for landscaping or a patio.
A retaining wall can also be designed with aesthetic in mind to sculpt your terrain to suit your needs. They can be beautiful and decorative.

Plants, Trees and Lawns

We have decades of experience dealing with plant material and cultivating plants that work well in Northern California and the coastal region. Our landscape designers can incorporate and combine a unique mix of native trees, shrubs, succulents and flowers to achieve a beautiful natural environment. They can also design and install a tropical paradise from a broad pallet of plant materials. No matter what style of landscape you choose, our goal is to recommend plants that will thrive on your property and still be low-maintenance so that your property will be beautiful year-round.
To further enhance the visual experience, we can incorporate into the design accents such as large boulders, bridges, gazebos etc (see our patio section).

Living Walls and Roofs: While beautiful and often artistic in design, green walls and roofs serve a much greater purpose than simple beautification. Both provide incredible benefits. They insulate your home or commercial facility by providing natural insulation while extending the life span of your façade or roof therefore reducing expenses. They also act as a sound barrier, lowering noise levels both outside and inside. Furthermore, they purify the air by converting CO2 into oxygen and filtering toxins, improving the air quality of your surroundings. Contact us today to help determine the best option for your needs.

Lawn: We install both sod and artificial lawns. For a sod project, from start to finish, there is no team more qualified to give you the highest success rate possible. Due to water shortages, we would recommend to opt for synthetic turf.

Decks, Fencing, Garden Sheds and Green Houses

Decks are the perfect solution to extending the usable space into your outdoor environment where you can enjoy nature in comfort. We offer both natural wood and composite deck materials. Composite decks are increasingly popular for good reasons. Made of a combination of recycled plastics and wood fibers, they are less susceptible to splintering, warping and cracking than natural wood. They are also lower maintenance (you don’t have to stain or maintain on a yearly basis) and they can be shaped to create custom curves, which was not possible with traditional lumber. Both natural and composite decks can be designed as multi-level surfaces for a dynamic look and be outfitted with accent lighting.

Fences: There are many uses for a fence, including protection, privacy, boundaries for pets and decoration. A well-kept fence instantly adds character while increasing the value of your property. Whether it is to delineate your property boundaries, enclose your swimming pool or enhance the beauty of your property, we can help you design and install the perfect fencing to match your style or needs.

Green Houses: The benefits of a greenhouse include an extended growing season, plant protection from animals, pesky insects and inclement weather. Under this climate controlled environment, it allows you to plant exotic specimens and have a year-round harvest of your favorite flowers or vegetables, pesticide-free. In a greenhouse, solar energy provides light as well as heat, resulting in an environment that doesn’t just promote plant growth, but does it in a sustainable way. Water and other resources are used more effectively.
We can provide small portable units or we can design and build a large greenhouse structure for your gardening needs.

Garden sheds: Do you want to free-up space in your garage? If you are tired of the typical cookie-cutter Home Depot-looking shed kit, Outdoor Environments Unlimited can help you design and build a custom garden shed that will match the style of your home, or a unique structure that can double as a playhouse for your kids or grandkids (see our Play Houses in the Patio section)… Or you can have an art studio / workshop all in one. We can design it to blend into the greenery of your landscape, look like a fairytale cottage or a miniature house with charming trim accents etc. The creativity is endless.

Lighting and Outdoor Sound Systems

Modern lighting systems can have a dramatic impact in the look and beauty of your home. It can make an average property look like a work of art by highlighting a fountain, tree or parts of the architecture of your home, and bring warmth and intimacy to your outdoor space. It can also light up areas that would be lost in the dark hours. Additionally, a professionally installed and maintained lighting system is a smart investment because it will increase your safety along with adding to your home’s value.
We provide high quality landscape lighting, architectural lighting, pool side lighting and deck & patio lighting services.

Up lighting
Down lighting
Hardscape lighting
Pathway lighting

Landscape lighting
Low voltage
Spot lighting

Outdoor sound systems: Adding outdoor audio on an existing landscape design project is a wonderful enhancement of your outdoor experience. It allows you to enjoy your favorite music both inside and outside your home in an uninterrupted flow. From the smallest spaces to the largest commercial locations, Outdoor Environments Unlimited offers both high-quality products and services with high-performance sound and operational versatility. 

Maintenance, Tree care and Clean-up

Regular landscape maintenance is the key to keeping any landscape looking its best. Maintaining a beautiful lawn and grounds year in and year out requires dedication and experience from pruning to fertilization. Timing can be critical in providing optimum care of your lawn and surrounding features of your property.
Because different landscapes require unique maintenance plans, we offer a full array of maintenance services to best suit your property’s individual needs.
Below are some of the services we can provide as a one-time service or as part of our core maintenance services:

In the Fall:
Leaf clean up 
Recycle green waste
Gutter and downspout cleaning & maintenance
Area drain/ pipe inspection & maintenance
Winter fertilizer 
Fall irrigation service Winterization & Shut down
Fruit tree and rose pruning
Dormant spray for fruit trees and roses.
Mowing of turf, if needed
Power wash hard surfaces
Fall color install

In the Spring: 
Leaf clean-up 
Spring color install 
Light pruning of winter injury on shrubs 
Clean fountains & check pump systems
Power wash hard surfaces
Recycle green waste
Spring fertilizing
Irrigation inspection, repair and calibration
Mowing of turf, if needed