Outdoor Environments Unlimited can provide the expertise to help design an outdoor space that is engaging at a corporate park, office complex, business property, homeowners association or city and county properties. Stunning water features, beautiful landscaping, shaded patios, sitting areas with a firepit, inviting light and sound systems etc, all contributes to a positive experience. Property owners that invest in these enhancements find that people love using these spaces; they are known to boost the morale and productivity of those who experience these types of environments and help keep tenant occupancy rates high.

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Water features:
Create a spectacular site with a gorgeous waterfall, or an intimate vignette with an unique fountain for your tenants, employees or customers to enjoy. It will be sure to set you apart from other businesses in your area. Not only is the sound of the water soothing, but it drowns out background noise and creates a quiet and serene place for reflection and enjoyment.

One of the most effective ways of making a dramatic transformation in the look and ambiance of your property is by investing in well-designed landscaping. From hardscape to native or tropical plants and trees, our services includes design, installation and maintenance: retaining walls, walkways, trees, flowerbeds, living walls / roofs and much more.

Patios and patio covers:
Patios or walkways are a great addition to any commercial project; they add outdoor space for meetings, events, sitting areas etc., and can also add to the integrity of the site.
For commercial properties that lack a natural canopy, installing shade structures will provide a welcoming reprieve from the hot sun and/or rain. From pergolas to high-tech louvered automated patio covers, gazebos, pavilions etc., we can design/install a range of styles that are functional and also add beauty and complement the existing architecture.

Fire Pits:
Fire pits with seating area are informal, engaging places to stage a brainstorming meeting and to entertain clients and associates.

In our effort to address our concerns regarding the environment and climate, Outdoor Environments Unlimited is also working with some of the major solar companies to design and install solar systems for small mom and pop businesses, corporations to large solar farms.

Let’s talk more about how you can add an engaging outdoor enhancement to your commercial property and contribute to a positive experience for all. Give us a call or email us.